Mr. Avijit Nair

It is with great enthusiasm that I extend a warm welcome to you at Akemi, a distinguished constellation of institutions in Pune. Swami Vivekananda's profound insight, "Education is a manifestation of perfection already in man," resonates deeply with our ethos. At Akemi, we embrace a holistic educational approach, committed to unlocking and refining the inherent perfection and unique potential within each student.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you not only acquire relevant knowledge and skills but also cultivate a positive attitude and values, aligning perfectly with our philosophy that every individual is a unique constellation of talents. These virtues are the keystones in realizing your aspirations. Akemi offers an expansive range of professional programs, fostering the development of youth across various disciplines. From our Junior College offering diverse streams to our flagship MBA program, we are progressively realizing our vision of providing a comprehensive educational journey from KG to PG.