Founder President

Mr. Abhishek Bokey

Warm greetings and a heartfelt welcome to the Akemi Group of Institutes!

At Akemi, our fervour lies in cultivating a dynamic campus pulsating with positivity and an inventive ethos. Our mission surpasses the delivery of outstanding education; it revolves around nurturing an atmosphere where the distinctive abilities and entrepreneurial promise of every student are unearthed and nurtured. In a swiftly changing global terrain, our dedication is not solely to our goal of empowering youth through exceptional education, but to our unwavering commitment to education's pivotal role in a rapidly evolving global context.

Our endeavour at Akemi is to stand at the vanguard of global academic innovation, integrating all facets of a holistic educational experience. Our vision is to build a diverse and inclusive community, one that shapes the future of our nation and the world.