“Believe in yourself enough, to be different and, do something unique...”

The Objective of Alumni cell at Akemi Business School is to provide and disseminate information regarding their Alma Mater, it’s graduates, faculties and students to the Alumni. The Alumni Association has been instrumental in connecting the current students with the alumni. Alumni are on board in the task of up-skilling and inspiring our students by giving guest lectures, training sessions, hosting events and being judges of cultural, arts and other events. Alumni serve many valuable roles, such as helping to build and grow an institution's brand through word-of-mouth marketing. Positive posts on social media create buzz and increase application rates. Alumni are instrumental in providing mentoring, internships, and career opportunities to students and fundraising. Alumni networks at Akemi Business School are meant for fostering and making the right connections to step up the career ladder.

The AKEMI alumni networks provide opportunities for members to stay involved and engaged at the regional level, connecting them with other graduates who share cultural backgrounds and interests. They frequently interact through social, philanthropic, and professional events inspired by members' common backgrounds.