Akemi Business School encompasses student-centric teaching-learning methods for an enriching learning experience. From experiential learning, participative learning, and problem-solving methodologies to extracurricular activities, the curriculum is laced with uniqueness. All the essential facilities are provided to amplify the development of students. The list of other contemporary methods includes online certifications, language labs, ICT-enabled teaching, Case study, and more.

Experiential Learning

ICT Enabled Teaching Learning:

Participative Learning:

Akemi Business School uses Participative Learning to encourage students to be actively involved in the learning process. The Institute uses many methods for participative learning a few are given below:

Problem Solving Methodologies:

Catering to 21st Century Skills like Critical Thinking, Creativity and Problem-solving skills required by the corporate world, many activities are undertaken to acquaint the students with real issues of businesses. The student should learn to identify problems and use innovative thinking to solve problems faced by business organizations. Such activities include - Case Analysis and Discussions, Research Projects etc.