Dr. Kirti Langde

Resource Person

Dr. Kirti Dang Longani has 16 years of teaching experience in different Institutes & Universities and 20 years of experience as a Homeopathic Consultant and have her clinic with the name Longani Health & Beauty Clinic on FC and Bandhan. She has 6 books to her credit as author. She has been Resource person & Keynote Speaker in many State Universities in India and abroad for FDP, Conferences & Seminars. She is external expert for PhD viva in Udaipur University, Tilak Maharashtra University, Panjab Technical University & University of Zululand, South Africa. She is also creator & General Secretary of International Academic Council, ADYPU, Pune She is also Resource person for Ph.D. research course work for Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune and ADYPU, Pune. Dr. Kirti has worked as Convener for various Workshops and Conference Secretary for a National & International Conference. She is content writer in several magazines and journals. She is also in editorial board of many International Journals. She is winner for 5 Awards at state and National level.